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Subjects Title with their Codes

Examination: Technician Membership Examination in Civil Engineering (Diploma Course)

Part I

Subject Code
  Basic Civil Engineering
TC 1.1
  Technical Writing
TC 1.2
  Engineering Physics & Applied Mechanics
TC 1.3
  Engineering Mathematics
TC 1.4
  Engineering Drawing
TC 1.5
  Engineering Chemistry
TC 1.6


Subject Code
TC 2.1
  Fluid Mechanics & Machinery
TC 2.2
  Soil Mechanics
TC 2.3
  Mechanics of Solids
TC 2.4
  Basic Structural Design
TC 2.5
  Environmental Engineering
TC 2.6
  Construction Technology
TC 2.7
  Estimation, Costing & Specifications
TC 2.8
  Civil Engineering Designs
TC 2.9