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Associate Membership Examination (Digree Course)

Eligibility for Section A

  • He / She have attained the age of 18 years on the date of his / her application.
  • Passed all component of Technician Membership Examination of the KCCE.
  • Should have a Diploma in Civil Engineering / Architectural Engineering

Eligibility for Section B

  • Passed Section A Examination as above.
  • Degree holder in engineering other than Civil Engineering / Architectural Engineering.
  • Passed Section A of AMIE (India) after Diploma in Civil/Architectural Engineering.

Certification Requirement

  • Section A Examination will consist of 6 subjects. The candidate can appear maximum of 4 subjects in one attempt.
  • Section B Examination will consist of 10 subjects out of which 5 subjects will be compulsory and 5 subjects will be specialized subjects. The candidate can select any 5 subjects from the groups I - V related to his own field. The candidate can appear in maximum of 4 subjects in one attempt.
  • On successful completion of 10 subjects of the Section B examination, the candidate will work on a project related to the field of Civil/Architectural Engineering. The project duration will be one semester i.e. approximately 6 months.
  • The candidate has passed Section A and Section B examination of the Institution and has an experience of 3 years working in an organization engaged in promoting Civil/Architectural Engineering profession.
  • The candidate has acquired practical experience of 3 years in a manner satisfactory to the Institution, in promotion, planning, design, construction, maintenance or management of such works as are comprised within the profession of a Civil / Architectural Engineering or in Civil / Architectural engineering research or teaching of engineering in a course leading to the qualification approved by the institution.

The Practical Training for Associate Membership will be carried out in AICTE approved Engineering College and the practical assessment will be conducted by the concerned Engineering Colleges wherever the candidate has under gone Practical Training.

TThe Project Report for Associate Membership is to be submitted through the Principal or Head of the Department of Civil Engineering/Architectural Engineering of AICTE approved Engineering College.

On meeting the requirements as above, a candidate becomes eligible for the Associate Membership Grade of the KCCE (I) and will be entitled to write AMICE (I) with his/her name.

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